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Despite a constantly changing landscape of technologies, engagement channels, methodologies and processes, marketing is, at its heart, a human process. We all have problems and issues, wants and needs that we wish to meet and resolve. So whenever we make a discretionary purchase we embark on a journey to find a solution.

The Marketing for Humans initiative offers affordable support to help business owners of small to medium enterprises cut through the complex array of marketing hype enabling them to grow the value and grow the revenue of their business.

We help businesses to connect with new customers, convince them of their added value and convert them in to paying customers. How do this by providing  a proven sales and marketing framework. Our aim is to help to improve the owners work-life balance and provide a valuable future legacy.

The 3 award winning founding coaches Peter, Marvin and David, have a collective 80 years of experience working in the corporate and smaller business sectors, and understand well the real-world operational challenges of smaller enterprises. 

Marketing for Humans strength is not just in providing cohesive coaching across connecting, convincing and converting new customers but also access to a wider team of appropriate and vetted expert services to help your business skyrocket.

Peter Baylis

Marvin Henson

Dave Bird

Paul Dyer

Rich Brown